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Castello di Re Desiderio

Deruta | Umbria

Castle of Re Desiderio, consists predominantly of stone walls, old brick face brick and plastered parts, covers an internal surface of 2000 sqm. useful (plus about 500 square meters. attics of) growing in almost 100 rooms. The relevance of land surrounding it is about 8500 square meters. mainly planted with tall trees almost all secular (and holm oak) and park and garden terraces sloping to the pool of mt. 12.5 x 6 positioned at the foot of the castle walls equipped with a whirlpool of 8 square meters Jacuzzi-type aroma and color therapy. Adjacent to the pool is a stone well and antique bricks. The Cloister (ancient courtyard) is contained in the interior of the building that faces north-west with another well in the center tank-brick old still working. Castle is' composed of three main original parts architectural representing three eras: •That Medieval (dating from the twelfth century.), Which is located in the stone walls of great thickness (beyond 2.5 meters) that converge in the great and mighty Longobard Tower (about 36 meters high), square and divided into five levels. •That Renaissance (dating back to XV-XVI century) constituting the main body of the Castle format from its main mast or tower of round shape (divided into five levels) and joined the core of the castle itself. •That the Neo-Gothic (dating to the nineteenth century) representing that part of the building, combined with the Renaissance group, which overlooks the village that includes internal and at its summit observation tower. The interiors are made up of seven-suite bedrooms with possibility of extra bed, each with spacious bathrooms or salle de bain equipped with the latest technologies such as bathtubs and showers with aromatherapy, chromo-therapy, ozone therapy, turkish bath and radio. The suites are named Countess, White Lady, Borgia, Gothic, Virgin, The Wedding Tower, Knight. The manor apartments on two floors, have four double bedrooms with the possibility of a third bed (each with bathroom facilities as above) called the master bedroom, the bishop's room, guest room, apartment of the Lady of the Company. In the Tower Longobard there are over 4 levels other rooms double room called the Swan, the Lion House, the House Crow and the Chamber of Templar connected by a spiral staircase. At the first level of the tower are located 2 bathroom amenities. Guest House in Castle there are two bedrooms (one double and one single) with bathroom facilities also use handicaps. Overall, the bathrooms are eighteen whereas that of service to the museum area (called the Grottino) to service the dining room, called the Wall of Studiolo located in the main apartment and the service next to the Hall of Knights. Property has three fully equipped kitchens, the Old Castle kitchen (ground floor), the main kitchen (first floor of the main apartment), the kitchen of the small apartment of the lady in waiting (the second floor of the main apartment) .On the ground floor are several rooms and halls of representation also large as the Great Hall of Middle-age Soldiers (100 sq meters, the largest of the Castle), the Old Refectory of the Captains, the Great hall on the Village and Renaissance Scale, Neo-Gothic Painted Hall, the Guard Room, the Hall of Arms, the passage and Grottino Seating, Antique Gallery and the main entrance of the castle, and the Gallery Room of the Collections, the vestibule entrance to the Park with the underlying medieval underground tunnels that leads to the ancient medieval cistern still exists today, the Renaissance Great Dining Room, the Old Cuisine of the Castle and the Old Chapel. Connected to the Great Kitchen of Castle closed with a large porch leads to two rooms covered windows of the cloister, which in turn communicates with the tower and its Longobard cited rooms. A wide stone staircase leads to the main floor of the castle and to suite the Countess, Borgia, White Lady, Virgin and Gothic. Suites on the Borgia, Countess and there is access to a large square terrace that faces the closter and courtyard of the castle. Longobard tower is accessed externally from large glacis of the castle above the porch. From these bold staircase carved into the stone put at the top of the Longobard Tower same discovery that serves as a solarium. The main floor are located also the Golden Hall, the Old Library, the Office and the Renaissance Hall where you can enter the Tower of the main-mast Wedding Castle divided into three levels: the Salle de Bain (fully painted), the Bridal Salon and above the Tower the suite of the Spouses. Be noted that throughout the main floor of the Castle of Re Desiderio including several connecting corridors, these wall and ceiling are decorated entirely in tempera than fresh floral geometric, naturalistic, gallant scenes, scenes of military feudal context, etc., always different in each environment. On the main floor you enter the room of the Knight and the Great Hall of the Knights also entirely decorated in tempera is the ceiling on the walls. From this large-scale environment representing a covered outdoor deck makes the top part of the observation tower which offers a 360 degrees The total perimeter of the property is approximately 800 meters. including three roads. The Castle served for nine hits including three from the park (with big wrought iron gates and automatic cuspidate), one from the courtyard, one from the park located directly on the main facade of the building, three from the Village on Liberty road and one on the Olive alley.
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  • Castle mq. 2000 + mq. 500 - 100 rooms
  • Land mq. 8500
  • Swimming pool 12,5 X 6
  • Whirlpool  8  mq. Jacuzzi-type aroma and color therapy
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